Zooga Classes


*Classes are subject to change based on enrollment. Online reservations recommended.

Zooga Yoga offers a full range of classes suitable for yogis of all ages, from babies to toddlers to teens & families…and for adults and mommies in all stages of pregnancy! Zooga is suitable for all levels of yoga experience and everyone is welcome. Pre-registration encouraged. New clients must fill out a waiver.

Family Waiver HERE *Family, Kids, and Baby Classes                                                                                                                           Adult Waiver HERE *Adult Only Classes

ZOOGA ZEN CHALLENGE (for all yoga classes, ages 4+):

*includes: Dancing Doggies, Yogi Bears, Warriors, Family 3+ & Teens
Ongoing, No Fee.

Challenge: This challenge is a check in for your child’s yoga growth. We encourage all to participate. This is non-competitive. Each yogi can demonstrate their mastery of each pose (in order) according to color. Once mastered, they are awarded with the matching color bracelet. Children are not required to participate.
*One bracelet can be earned per month
**Challenges are the last week of the month. A sign up sheet will be at the front desk at the start of class

Check out the challenge here.



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